Monday, May 25, 2009

Hayden Kho the Barebacker

I've never seen Hayden wear a condom...and he is SUCH a YUMMY man whore
Can someone please give Hayden some condoms.....and show him how to put it on

Dear Readers,

Here is my Hayden Kho porn extravaganza wrap up.
First off, Hayden's ass-plants are FAB! Hahaha.
Silicone butt cheeks.
She holds on to it for dear life.
There is NO way that ass is real!

Ok , I've watched all the Hayden Kho 'porn' I need to in order to establish that Hayden has a small to normal size dick (a little spot of bush manscaping should give him the perception of another inch, free tip Hayden) but a FABULOUS firm hard ass! Now I don't care if they're implants... I want to squeeze them too! Everyone else gets to!

Now having said that, I must say I am ALARMED that at no stage did Hayden wear a condom in ANY of the four tapes.

He's our bare backer!


I don't recall seeing any, but I do recall Hayden smacking her ass and trying to pick her up with one finger at one point (well that's what it looked like to me).....
and the rest which was I have to say rather balanced.
He went down on her, she went down on him, they 69'd for a while then he bangs her into next week.
A normal porn I guess.
Hayden fucks like a wild dog which I expected because why else would the Vickster keep him around?
Good one Vicky!
I'm starting to understand you more now.

But at one point it looks like Hayden unleashed the beast without retreating outdoors first if you get my drift readers... stay with me......
It could just be me, but if this guy is in the habit in dumping his junk in every starlets trunk, then, it's only a matter of time before he has more illegitimate children then you know who.....

The fierce bed banging on the ground was both unexpected and well, rather outrageous, which I fully approve of.
I'd give the porn a 7 out of ten.
His dick could be bigger though.
And her hair needs to be ponied up in a bouncy little number, you know.
Work it like a cheerleader!!!

However, Hayden, for Christs sakes, PUT A CONDOM ON YOUR DICK MATE!

And the 'women' that you throw around in your 'home movies' should ALSO WAKE UP!

Unless of course you two little love monkeys were trying to have a baby...... then by all means....


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