Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm a Human Being, Im Not Igorot

Dear Readers,

Can you say 'statue'? Apparently Candy Pangilinan can't.

Someone teach her please.

RainB's tribe is in an uproar and understandably so too!

Candy Pangilinan Banned in Baguio for Insulting RainB's Tribesmen!

-Councilor Tomas Balisong said that the declaration was in reaction to Pangilinan’s remark during her pre-Mother’s Day show at SM Baguio last Saturday, May 9 where she reportedly greeted the crowd with this -

“Tao po ako, hindi po ako Igorot.”( I'm a human being, I'm not Igorot)

This means that the comedienne is now banned from going to the summer capital and her movies are also banned from being shown in the city’s theaters.

Candy has posted apology after apology to tell those who cried foul when she actually meant “Igorot statue.” She admitted not being able to say the word “statue,” but that was what she really meant. To prove this, Pangilinan’s group is planning to launch a fund-raiser to benefit Cordillerans.

Hahaha, I love this. You better raise a LOT of pesos babe!

Another tragic case of foot/hoof in mouth disease.

Don't feel bad Rain, at least your peeps will no longer have to suffer listening to her perform.

What's wrong with Baguio anyways?

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