Saturday, August 20, 2011

A1 Band : Lets take a look back and see where are they right now?

As per wikipedia :

A1 are a British-Norwegian boyband. They were originally made up of Mark Read, Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen and Paul Marazzi. Their first single, "Be the First to Believe", entered the UK singles chart at #6 in early 1999. They had a huge amount of success worldwide and charts with two number #1s and eight top 10 hits. Adding to this they also won a BRIT Award for "British Breakthrough Act" in 2001. They were formed by band manager Tim Byrne, who also formed Steps. A1 came to an end in 2002 when original member Paul Marazzi left in 2002 and the band subsequently decided to split.
In August 2009, Ingebrigtsen, Read and Adams announced that they would reform A1, albeit without Marazzi, for a series of concerts in Oslo in December 2009 at the Christiania Theatre. Since their comeback they have already released four new singles, "Take You Home", "Don't Wanna Lose You Again", "In Love and I Hate It" and "Waiting for Daylight". Their fourth studio album, Waiting for Daylight, was released on 11 October 2010. The band have sold 3 million records worldwide.

Talaga namang hinangaan ko sila sa kanilang mga kanta. during my secondary level in schooling A1 is the boyband that every teenagers are aware. Their Voices made the girls crazy with their angelic blending. A1's charisma is mere hot and boys really idolized this band.

Until now im still avid fan of their masterpieces. One day at my office i played music using youtube and in no particular reason, i played their songs. While listening , i decided to search on the net, where are they? I found out they engage into sexy image, from being a wholesome Boy band to a daring magazine icon. The magazine is Attitude – The Naked Issue and Ben Adams and A1 Joined Big Brother

Here are the samples of their images:

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One of the member is Ben Adams who bare it all

(Images were from the Public Domain)


Christian Ingebrigtsen

Mark Read


Paul Marazzi

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