Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Examination Result in OTD Company : I made it!!

April 10, 2010 when i asked Mr. Dainel Castillo if they still on hiring. He said that they had an  Exam online , Much better if i will take it first before  applying proper because to avoid hassle . So there you go, I went to their website and took the preliminary Exam.

Below are the Result of mo OTD online Exam

First Exam is U.S English Basic Skills Test

40 items in 40 minutes : My experience is very indescribable because this exam is a tool for me to Find a Job. It's a mixed emotion of Pleasure and Pressure. I took this Exam inside a Computer Shop where noise exist.

This Exam is all about Telephone Ethics.

This Exam is All About Call Center Skills. Wala akong nalalaman about this Exam basta't ang alam ko kaya ko to!!

In this exam , i don't have enough knowledge about this thingy. During the Exam, I bare in my mind that GOD is with me and Fortunately i passed the exam. WOOH!!

Hopefully, OTD Company will call me for my Interview. And GOD will give it to me! Thank you so much Guys