Friday, October 30, 2009

If I Were You: Mag Eco Ka Neng!

“Maraming tanong na nakukubli sa bawat nagugulumihanang isipan na uhaw sa huwad na katotohanan.”

Bored! Haggard! Spiritless! These are the perception of typical students towards Economics course. Ano ba talaga ang kursong ito?bakit nabibilang sa daliri ang nangangahas na kunin ito . why they own such distinctive mindset that differs from other. What surreptitiousness underlies inside their classroom?
Since we were child, we are accompanied by the words Economics. Scarcity started when Adam and eve evicted from the paradise. Until Cain and abel was born and greed follows. Thoose scarcity and greed motivates them to work and cultivate their properties therefore economics ensue. Later on the era of great thinkers like Aristotle, Malthus and more philosophers was brought into life. During that time they were able to create a law w/c respond the existing predicament. That’s how Economic originate. Further studies conducted by classical and modern Economist. Its drift to cater a solution of varies dilemma.

Economics came from the latin word w/c means house hold management. For those who are micro minded persons who collocate there selves in a box .they defined it intended only for maternal activities, especially to cooked and allocate the income in the family. Yet academically, it is beyond description because it conceals the aggregate measurement that analyzed even the value of air you breathe. It can be an art, where in there’s no need to follow certain steps to achieve certain result, you can create out of nothing and allowed yourselves to engage more mistakes, that later on you choose w/c one is to keep. It is also a science that needs a systematic procedure. Therefore it is an artistic or scientific study of scarce resources to satisfy society’s insatiable wants and needs.

Acquiring Economics course offers immeasurable advantages perhaps you are wondering why there are numerable fearless students risked their whole configuration to undergo mathematical, econometrics, calculus and philosophy. ”ano ba talaga pinag-aralan nila puro x &y , magagamit ba nila yan?”. They study concerning the Economic circulation. It is best preparatory for those who want to pursue law. It is a wide avenue to inter politics like mommy Gloria ang ninang Winnie Monsod. it’s nice to hear when a leader is knowledgeable enough when and where to edict certain action during economic depression. Most Analyst and researchers in private institutions are Economic Graduates. You can be a professor by mastering it. It also study the concept of finance, marketing, management & philosophy w/c made them versatile.

“Jack of all thread, but a master of none.”URSB’s ECO’s fears, anxiety, stress& pressure towards the course will evaporate as they bare in their minds such motto. Life is Economics; it is deferential when you subtract your sadness and integral when you’re on dilemma. It is a real number sometimes in negative side when you’re pessimist and positive side when you’re optimistic. Remember the real economics is not getting the equilibrium yet getting the exact norm of reality in life. It is not the perfect calculation of numbers but appropriate analysis of the problem for you to solve and do the next move. Its not the course that counts but it is you, who used your course as an armor when you leave this University to face the real fight of economics

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