Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tim Yap Tweets Grand Lotto Winner is Mike Morelos, is Simply Irresponsible

timyap tweetEntertainment reporter, PR practitioner and socialite Tim Yap is now at the center of controversy as he made an irresponsible tweet on the Grand Lotto 6/55 winner.

Tim Yap reportedly shared on his Twitter account that a certain Mike Morelos is the lone winner of the 6/55 Grand Lotto jackpot of more than P740 million pesos, the biggest in Philippine lotto history.

He said on his tweet published on local newspaper:

“And guess what? Miko Morelos is on twitter! @mikomorelos I already sent a request. He protected his tweets already. #afraidforhislife,” @iamtimyap”

He seemed to be very insensitive of the seriousness of the situation and all obviously not minding the implications of his action.

Mike Morelos has been confirmed as a reporter of the Philippine Daily Inquirer who made for the newspaper the first report that there was a lone winner for the 6/55 jackpot.

Yap’s irresponsible social media announcement created lots of trouble for the innocent PDI reporter Mike Morelos. For the record, Mike said that he did not win the jackpot. And so, his family by now is all fearing for the negative implications of Yap’s action especially as for their security.

When Tim Yap got back to his senses and at last got some feeling of sensitivity over what he did, he once again posted a Twitter message that he was wrong and asked for apology.

“Okay, ladies& gents excited about the winner of the lotto jackpot—I received reports that Miko Morelos is the Inquirer reporter who reported about the lotto. Not necessarily the winner. #sorrynacarriedawaylahat.”

But then again, the damage has been done. And what a freak he is!

Tim Yap created a stir with a very irresponsible way.