Friday, March 25, 2011

Casey Heynes : Australian Punisher

Casey Heynes was a chubby and quiet 16-year old Australian boy who was going about his normal school routine, when this skinny little rat named Richard Gale, along with his school posse, started harassing Casey along the hallways of Chifley College’s Dunheved Campus. The overconfident and cocky Richard threw the first punch, hitting Casey in the face, and nothing happens. Then he threw in some jabs in Casey's midsection taunting him even more. Big mistake.

So this Australian boy is already all over the internet like a rash. Young, isolated and bullied, Cassey Haynes lost his cool composure and went full-Zangief on a much smaller, much stupider kid.
Now the internet is full of nerds and geeks so seeing school bullies get their comeuppance will always be popular. Some might say that we shouldn’t glorify violence, that it is awlays wrong and that we should feel bad for sperading such videos. The truth is that this kind of thing happens in every single school in every country in the world, every day. In a world where we worship children like mini-messiahs, we have to realise that the truth is kids have always swore at each other, fought and generally acted like little monsters. This is how it should be. Everyone needs to learn to stand up for themselves at some point whether its physically or mentally. Children are cruel, but sometimes, just sometimes, justice is swift.

Zangief Kid Casey Heynes Gives A Bully Some Heavy SmackdownBut Casey's been bullied for such a long time that he probably thought that enough is enough. And then something awesome happened. Casey snapped! Lunging at his tormentor the first opportunity he got. Catching him off-guard, he wrapped his big arms around the little rat and hoisted him up high in the air and then.... SLAM! A solid and thunderous piledriver shook the ground of their campus. All the jeering that Richard's friends made were muted, and everyone who witnessed it were in awe. Richard struggled to get back up on his feet while Casey walked away, never looking back.

It was swift. It was awesome. It was justice. And it tasted sweet. Casey, at that moment, was vindicated. He was no longer a victim. He is now a hero. A hero to all those who suffered bullying and bigotry. Thus, giving everyone a sense of hope that one could always stand up and stop all these nonsense. He was even named as the "Zangief Kid" by his fans because of that powerslam. And as for Richard, he got what he deserved. The little rat now knows not to mess with Casey anymore. Rock on, kid!

DISCLAIMER: I am not the owner of this video. I merely reposted and wrote an article about it to spread a message across. And that message is that bullying should be stopped and should not be encouraged. It's senseless and it's stupid.

Here's the bully's mug. Quite disturbing, isn't it?

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