Monday, July 12, 2010

Story Board :Private ER-THAN Your one-stop ,adult shop

Private ER-THAN
Your one-stop adult shop

A project in Production and Operation Management
by Jonathan Orbuda and Erwin Calibo


Jonathan Orbuda and Erwin Calibo gathered to come up with new products in the market. Various Ideas in different sources were gathered and accepted. It was carefully studied and then deeper analysis


Time Factor is Very effective way that we consider in establishing or even launching a product in the market because even the product is for all season but then always bare in mind the sales will varies monthly. February is for lover’s month and June is for Wedding Month
Eroticism is a normal human behavior where in Filipinos are very erotic yet they are very taboo. So by this dilemma why not try to sell products that cater the wants of the Filipino

Product /Services

Upon understanding the costumer’s needs and wants. We are going to sell Adult Stuffs. The Product Line includes Condoms, Aphrodisiacs, and Adult Magazines, Adult Toys, Lingerie for Male and Female and Adults gadgets

Demographic and Location Analysis

We decided to put up the business in national Capital Region because it is the Center for Commerce. It is the right place where in the rapid flow of business transaction is fast and people here are more open-minded.

Sociological and Political Change 

Young Adults Now a day are very sexually active according to surveys. It means despite of being a hidden topic, still Sex exist. Socially, Filipinos or current time are now open minded with this kind of business. And admit it. We are now capable of doing such course of Action.
Our Target Market is 18 and above, either they are single or married. Married people also are the first target because they are in the right possession to do such thingy’
In this kind of business, we can help also in reducing AIDS and the Operation of This business should be in accordance to the Phil. Law

How to Penetrate the Awareness of the Market?

1. Advertisement in Leading Newspaper- Since the reader of the newspapers are Adult, we can penetrate rapidly
2. Adult Magazines – Adult Mag are best selling among 18 above so by this ad we can induce them to use our products
3. Websites – We can also put Ads in Adult Friend finder. And Establish Own site for online shopping
4. Disco and Clubs- we are going to sponsors various activities in Disco,clubs,concert and different Gimik spot of young adult

Introduction to Market

1. We are now ready to sell.
2. Promotions are the very effective way to put the name of the business in the top.
3. Giving Discounts to the valued costumers to maintain the relationship.
4. Ribbon cutting with high profiled person so that the name of the business will become a sort of conservative yet liberated

Market Evaluation 

Upon Various markets analysis and sales analysis there are only 3 possibilities of our business sales results; increase, decrease or status quos.

If our Sales will Increase

We are going to penetrate in Malls in the Philippines. Expansion of New branches Among Cities.

If our Sales will decrease

We make sure that there is innovative way just to maintain the momentum of the buyers wants. We are going to apply the Schumpeter’s Tips “the creative Destruction”. We are going to launch new products like edible condoms and more creative products.

Here is the successful business by Jonathan Orbuda and Erwin Calibo

Private ER-THAN, Your one stop adult shop.

We are able to Bring The American’s Style here in the Philippines. Where in your pleasure is our concern