Thursday, July 1, 2010

John Daniel V. Castillo: My Friend Who is now working in OTD

When i checked her facebook account, i notice a link so i browsed it , i was amazed When i saw his site

Hi, my name is John Daniel V. Castillo. Welcome to my site! I am twenty one (21) years old, a graduate of Management in the University of Rizal System - Binangonan.
I am a certified music lover. I love to play drums and listen to music. I am also fond of practicing and imitating different drum beats and I won't stop until I get the right stuff.
I chose to work at OTD because it is a growing company and has a lot of room for my growth and self-development. I also want to communicate with people outside of my range, and through communication I can further  improve my skills and abilities.  I dream to become globally competitive, and I believe that OTD will help me reach that dream.
I was a President of my college's Student Body, College of Business and Commerce Council, in my college days. I became a part of our School Publication as a Development Communication Editor. I'm also active in arts, I am once a president and an actor of our school's theather organization.
One of my attribute is being creative. I don't what to be like the others, I want to be different, I want to create something unique for every one to see.

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     Well,  thanks for visiting my site. Please continue browsing to know more about me.
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