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DR. ANDRES GUMBAN Stabbing Full Story w/ Video Monday, June 4, 2012

Videos Contains Sensitive Acts. Dont dare to  watch it . VV uploaded this video to give warning to everyone. This is the actual full footage


The 16-year-old suspect (left) and Fof Pascual Jr. were nabbed for the brutal killing of Dr. Andres Gumban Thursday of last week. (Contributed photo)
BACOLOD CITY, Philippines—A prominent Bacolod doctor was stabbed to death inside his home in Bacolod City late Thursday night, allegedly by two young men, one of whom he met on Facebook, the local police said.
Senior Superintendent Ricardo de la Paz, Bacolod police director, said Friday that Dr. Andres Gumban, 62, a wealthy pulmonologist was killed inside a bathroom in his house in Barangay (village) Alijis here around 10:45 p.m. Thursday.
De la Paz said the victim died on the spot after he sustained multiple stab wounds in the neck, chest and stomach,
The police identified one of the suspects as Fof Pascual Jr., 18, of Barangay Tadlong, Sagay City. The second male suspect is 16 years old—not 18—and therefore a minor, the police later corrected.
The suspects were apprehended by a civilian agent after neighbors reported hearing a commotion inside the house of Gumban around 10:45 p.m.
Police investigation showed that the doctor had met the minor-aged suspect on Facebook.
On Thursday, Gumban picked up the suspects at the North Terminal in this city. The doctor then took them to SM Bacolod for snacks.
Gumban later bought lechon manok and Red Horse beer and brought his guests to his house in Regent Pearl Subdivision, De la Paz said.
The suspects claimed the doctor had bad intentions against them and they stabbed him in self-defense, he added.
But the police were also looking at robbery as an angle as Gumban was wealthy and the killing could have been premeditated, De la Paz said. (Credits from newsinfo)

City Health Medico Legal Dr. Ely Cong said that based on autopsy report, the victim sustained 35 stab wounds; his throat was slashed and a V-shaped wound was found in his right upper head.

He said Gumban died due to acute loss of blood, “cutting of jugular and common carotid artery, bilateral cutting of the esophagus and trachea, thyroid gland and thyroid arteries and veins causing severe hemorrhage perforated middle lobe.”

The 16-year-old suspect (left) and Fof Pascual Jr. were nabbed for the brutal killing of Dr. Andres Gumban Thursday of last week. (Contributed photo)
Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) Director Ricardo De la Paz said that based on the video footage discovered from the minor suspect's mobile phone, the victim was trying to use the faucet when attacked by the two.

Before the attack happened, the minor suspect placed his cellular phone at the top of the window to capture their cruel acts. The video showed him and Pascual half naked while walking in-and-out from the room of Gumban while the victim was at the back of his house.

When Gumban went inside and tried to use the faucet, the 16-year-old took a stone and hit the victim at the back of his head. Pascual then stabbed the doctor in his chest.

The suspects immediately pulled the victim inside the restroom.

The minor took the bladed weapon from Pascual and slashed the throat of the doctor. Pascual closed the door, leaving the 16-year-old suspect inside while he continued stabbing the victim.

It could be heard in the video that the victim was shouting for help.

While the minor continued stabbing the victim inside the restroom, Pascual served as look-out and continued walking in and out from the room of Gumban while texting.

The video also showed that Gumban was fighting for his life, as he managed to open the door of the restroom but the minor immediately pulled him again inside and locked the door.

Gumban continued asking for help until he was killed by the minor inside the restroom.

When the doctor was dead, the minor opened the door of the restroom and slipped on the floor because of the blood stains.

The suspects then washed their hands and feet at the faucet.

The minor took the cellular phone at the top of the window while singing and smiling. Then, he took footages of the victim who was lying dead inside the restroom.

De la Paz said the video, which was shown to media Tuesday, was submitted to the City Prosecutor's Office as one of the evidences against the suspects.

He said robbery with homicide/murder charges were filed Tuesday before the City Prosecutor's Office against the two suspects.

The minor earlier claimed that he was taking a bath when the doctor, allegedly armed with a kitchen knife, went inside the bathroom and tried to molest him. He said it was out of self-defense that a scuffle ensued, ending in the victim's death.

Pascual also claimed he was watching TV when the incident happened. He said he was surprised when he saw the dead doctor at the bathroom. Out of fear, he said he tried to get out of the house but he was nabbed by the victim’s neighbors.

Police who responded to the crime scene recovered the stone and bladed weapon used by the suspects in the killing, but police authorities could not explain why the suspects took video footage of their crime.

De la Paz said when they recovered the cellular phones of the suspects, the minor refused to open his phone, which was locked. It was opened, though, through the help of an electronic technician.

The city director said the two suspects admitted that they are drug users and “call boys.”

Investigation also revealed that the suspects were already planning to rob and kill the victim.

"I believed that we have a strong evidence to secure conviction against the two suspects," de la Paz said.

Earlier, police discovered that some of the doctor's personal belongings, including his P50,000 cash, necklace, iPod and wristwatch, were missing.

De la Paz believes the suspects have some companions who helped them rob and kill the victim. He said, though, that the crime is already closed. Credits From (Sun.Star Bacolod/Sunnex)

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