Monday, May 21, 2012

Mico Banayo : Devastating Acid Incident

Sa isang iglap, nagbago ang buhay ni Mico. Ang dating maaliwalas na mukha ay napalitan na ngayon ng sugat mula sa pagkakasaboy sa kanya ng asido.

Sa pagkasira ng kanyang balat, kasama kayang nalapnos ang pag-asa?

It has always been the fuel that fires me up and do well in everything I do. I hated alot of people, well secretly. Guess you're familiar with insecurity and competition? I may not have done any violence (at least not yet) but you know what they say: In your eyes, nothing you do is considered a crime when you're heart is full of rage for a reason. And Bede Jarrett knows it all too well.

But when there is anger, there's always pain underneath.

For months at a time, my life has been constantly changed by passing of close friends, and unfornatunate events to people who I care. I learn to forgive people who have did me wrong 5-8 years ago (well, others didn't even bother to say sorry). And I'm starting to always look for reasons to smile, even everything else starts to mess and get ruined. I'm trying, at least. :)

Earlier today while on Twitter, someone posted something about MICO BANAYO. I didn't get to watch his story on free TV and so I googled. I had no idea what I was about to read was something tragic.

Mico Banayo, a victim of vitriolage or acid attack, has went public to raise funds for his surgeries.

Despite fears for his family's security, the 25-year-old student decided to share his story on Facebook and on GMA-7's "Wish Ko Lang" since his family is having a hard time paying for the said surgeries.

Banayo needs an eyelid surgery on his right eye to avoid further infection and to save his eyesight; a corneal transplant and cataract and glaucoma treatment on his left eye in the hopes of regaining his eyesight; and laser treatment on his face, chest, and other parts of his body due to 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns.

On March 15 this year, an unidentified man, who introduced himself as a messenger of a courier service company, came to Banayo at the latter's boarding house in Paranaque City with a letter. As Banayo was signing the acknowledgment receipt, the man reportedly poured a bottle filled with acid on Banayo's face. He was rushed to Olivarez Hospital where he received initial treatment for his injuries.

Mico Banayo, the president of his school's student government in 2010, was to graduate this year. His story will be featured on "Wish Ko Lang"

Mico Banayo is a victim of vitriolage or acid violence purposef - purposely splashing someone with acid with malicious intent, injuring or disfiguring the person out of jealousy or revenge.

March 15 this year, a stranger who introduced himself as a mail man of a courier company came with a letter. And while he was singing to receive it, the man reportedly poured a bottle filled with acid on his face. He was rushed to the hospital and got initial treatment.

And in the middle of my research, my heart bleeds knowing he is from Tanza, Cavite where I mostly stay and where I am right now.

And so I created a Twitter post with Noypistuff's story about Mico and his photo asking for help. I got 40 re-tweets. The other one I created got 11. And even more re-tweets from people who showed love.

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