Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stop the Liars ASAP!

(Warning: some may find the photos in this article gruesome)

I will make this short because evil doesn’t deserve a space here on earth, even online. With the hope that I am coherent enough to put across valid arguments, I propose that NOW, more than ever, is the time to prove the power of online communities to go against the mainstream media in pursuit of justice.

No, this is not about Vicky Belo. This is about a more powerful force — mainstream media, whose tentacles can kill the hopes of anyone who dreams of having equal access to inform the public.

You see, there is this CD- burned and distributed to the press-- aimed at informing the public of a massive deception done in the crucible of the very hand that feeds us – Public Relations.

This CD, the first cut of which you can hear in the Youtube link above, is a recording of a brainstorming of the Belo Team on how to handle the Hayden sex tapes scandal. It was presided by Lolit Solis, with the principals and their lawyers. Towards the end, Mrs. Kho joined the discussion.

I got a copy of this CD, listened to it, and realized this was a very explosive revelation. Even Amiel Cabanlig said that this CD had "mind-blowing" content. Someone said this was the equivalent of the Hello Garci tapes-- a bad metaphor, as we all know that Hello Garci tapes never served its purpose, but merely titillated the public and provided ringtones. But I digress.

In capsule, this is what the CD, distributed in a press conference two weeks ago, tells the public:

1. All things Hayden Kho said in public, some of them under oath, are not the "truth and nothing but the truth", but are verses of the gospel according to St. Lolit Solis.

There is nothing surprising about this, knowing Lolit’s innate capacity to speak and act in behalf of all the residents in hell. It doesn’t matter that Lolit Solis repeatedly lambasted Hayden Kho and his mother, pretending to represent the interests of Katrina Halili. Remember her as she was badmouthing the mother and son in one of the episodes of StarTalk? Because of the CD, we know that it was part of the script paid for by Hayden Kho.

Never mind! This is Lolit Solis -- she eats fecal matter if paid to do so.

2. But Atty. Lorna Kapunan is another matter. One of our more publicized legal minds, Atty. Kapunan has built a solid reputation as a lawyer of impeccable integrity: always on the side of justice, in pursuit of freedom, and never giving in to social and political pressures.

BUT, as you can hear in this recording, Atty. Lorna Kapunan set aside her integrity and displayed one of the finest legal plans to save Hayden Kho. She can be heard detailing what Hayden should say or do.

While listening to the recording, I couldn't differentiate Lorna from Lolit.

3. Then, there is Atty. Adel Tamano, undoubtedly one of the cutest ( result of Vicky Belo's butt augmentation on Josefina Norcio )
senatoriables. Often described by many as a man of integrity, Adel was very attractive. I was a big fan of Adel. I followed him around . I listened to him talk to the youth sector. You always got the impression that this guy will never give in to the establishment — he would always defend the marginalized sectors. Well, as the CD revealed, he is not as flawless as people think he is.

4. Now, there is Senator Bong Revilla. He was not present during the brainstorming. He was mentioned by Lolit several times, and the recording also features a phone conversation between Lolit Solis and the senator. The Senator seemed to guarantee that he will be on their side. Remember that grandstanding at the senate hearing in which he lambasted Hayden? It was part of a script written by Lolit Solis, or so it seems.

Now, with a CD like that, you’d think the media would have a feast. Heads will roll, someone predicted. But, nothing. After the presscon, it frizzled like yesterday's root beer.

Who protected Lolit Solis and all her minions???

Broadcast media, that’s who. ABS-CBN spent more time listening to Lolit Solis explaining her side, making it an issue about LOLIT SOLIS -- effectively dismantling the whole attack. And yes, Mario Dumawal, I will never forgive you.
The other stations didn’t even pick up the story, being more interested in the defense of Sen. Bong Revilla, for example.

We heard from reliable sources that Lolit Solis paid the major networks and publications to downplay the story or even ignore it.

In other words, the recording failed to inform and convince the public. Belo won by a million votes.

Atty. Trixie Angeles knows how to deal with Belo, so let us set it aside for the moment. But let us all unite and inform the public through our blogs what MEDIA failed to deliver.

Let us tell the world that if mainstream media give in, we are here to defend the truth.



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